Air Pollution Control Equipment
Using an electrostatic precipitator, bag filter, dust collector and other system in this range, industries can control emission of pollution in atmosphere. The air pollution control equipment are effective at removing or reducing air pollutants from the air. 
Steam Accessories
From traps, control valves, to tank, we have a wide range of steam accessories. These accessories are fabricated using high grade metal alloys to the high standards of quality. There is no maximum order quality, customers can order as much as they need. 
Boilers Accessories
If you are using boiler in your industrial unit, then you probably would need boiler accessories for repair and maintenance purpose. Apart from service centers, our company also supplies these accessories to boiler manufacturers. 
Fluidized Bed Boilers
Based on the burning fuels in fluidized bed principle, fluidized bed boilers can be used for burning fuel at low combustion temperature, thus effectively reducing the dangerous waste gases production. 
Fired Boiler
We have in this range of fired boiler, wood fired and husk fired and coal fired boilers. Customers can make selection considering several points. Whichever boiler they will select, they can be rest assured of the low operating cost, efficient water heating and enough steam creation for production of energy. 
Conveyor System
Buy from us conveyor system for your industrial unit in the field of mining, construction and manufacturing. Such system can be integrated with other machines in order to automate the task of material shifting from one process to another. 

"We want orders of minimum 300K capacity."
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